Is your car making weird noises? Is your check engine light on all of a sudden?

Having a problem with your car but not knowing what it is can be frustrating. Our team of certified service experts here at Champion Auto Body Shop of Royal Oak will take the time to perform the correct diagnostic tests so that we can accurately repair your vehicle the first time you bring it into our shop. Safety is our top priority. Put your trust in us to make sure your vehicle is safe for you and your passengers.

Through our diagnostic services we will visually inspect your vehicle, analyze your car’s system, consult to find the exact problem, and diagnose the issue with a plan of action to move forward with. With our Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, our team will assess your tire tread depth, wiper blades, headlights and more within just a few minutes. This is followed by a comprehensive check inside and out of your brakes, fluid levels, and operating systems. The inspection follows an easy color coded key to categorize maintenance terms. Red is for items that need immediate attention. Yellow is for items that should be addressed in the future. Green indicates that there are no items to address.
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